Friday, September 5, 2008

Perhentian Trip

Last wednesday, i went to Perhentian Island, with a long-lost friend, kim shing and his friends from Japan. I planned the whole trip through a tour agency ,known as Fauna Holiday, recommended by my lovely roomate, Bobby. So,on that day early morning, we met at Jertih & head towards Kuala Besut for boat ride to the island. I was introduced with 2 nihonjin (japanese), Shunya and Kitano. Both are kim shing's classmates, very polite and cute. haha..

At the jetty, we met our tour agency boss, Mr Ong who was very friendly & nice gentleman, telling us what to do & introduce his tour guide to us, Di. Unfortunately, Mr nice guy cant join us because he need to go to MATTA fair at KL.
so, we were left with Di & head toward Pulau Perhentian in a speedboat, basically a boat with a roof tied up to protect its passenger from direct sunlight. The boat ride is quite bumpy & we really scared that Shunya will get dizzy & throw up but luckily it was safe all the way to the island.

When we reached our beach, Teluk Dalam aka Deep Bay, honestly, i am a bit disappointed. The beach is not the beach i wanted to shown to the nihonjin to impress them.It was not that powdery, there were dead corals sprawling over the beach and sea.

We stayed at Flora Bay Resorts, in a quad room called "Gardenview". Sound nice but it was sucks with lousy garden. After resting a while & have our lunch, we went for snorkelling.

the dinner place

First of all, we were brought to a place called "Long Beach", it is really really nice.

there are sure many flags at there.

I loved it , the soft sandy whitish beach & the crystal clear water! But it's hot, & the sands also hot(you can try walk bare footed on the sand & you'll get what i mean). Plus, got lots of sexy europe hotties on the beach, which helped increase the temperature! At there, we had a briefing about using snorkelling equipment & how to snorkelling & enjoy, which i had similar lesson during last trip.

Then, we arrived at the snorkelling spot. Without much ado, we jumped into the water & start our sight-seeing loh..Actually, it is very similar with my last trip, the corals are big and some were quite nice.. the fishes & the other animals also looked more or less the same.
Next, we went to see turtles eating sea weeds at the seabed

There was a sotong fight between a sotong & a turtle which sadly i didnt manage to witness it myself. I only knew when they told me & holding a sotong with its limbs amputated , by the turtle, i guess. We got see Nemo family aka. clownfishes which are shying around the sea bushes, i guess. We took plenty of pictures using Kitano's camera under the sea.

Then, when snorkelling around back from the site to my boat, i was shocked to found i was heading towards bunch of spiky sea urchin.

Man, the moment i realised, it was too late, i was above them. Oh man , lucky i didn't use my leg walk on the sea bad because those sea urchins were so close to me.. so scary la!!

Last, we went to a spot called "the Shark Point". Di told us we would have chance to see sharks swim past us but no fright, becoz Di said these sharks were vegetarians! I was like "huh?u sure boh" He kept say yes & keep repeating his sentences. As soon as we jumped off the boat, he immediately point out the shark which was visible. It was a small shark, perhaps a baby shark, i think.

He then swim so fast to search for bigger sharks , some as big as 3 metres! But as we swim, swim and swim, there was no any sight of sharks at all. So, we went up the boat and wait there. Then Di suddenly came to us and said he saw a damn big shark as long as 2m but it swam away swiftly. Hence, he brought his special gadget to attract the shark to him, a ordinary 500ml mineral water bottle and crush it under the sea to seduce the sharks to come to him by the sound of crushing bottle. Well, it failed and he then straight climbed up the boat and admits he's a coward. Guess that he was lying about the vegetarian sharks.

To end our trip, Di brought us to a hot water spring where we can enjoy hot water bath to clean ourself. We went there and only realised it was cold water, very very cold water spring from the deep part of the hills and rocks, when Di took a bucket full and splashed on us. The water was really special and refreshing. There were people bathing around the water source, some took bottles of the water and some even wash their clothes straightaway there!

it's really cool and refreshing!

At night, we had BBQ. Waiting and waiting but he didn't appear.So, we decided to eat the junk foods i've bought. Guess what? Di overslept and we managed to set up the fire around 8.30pm. But, another problem came to us, the chicken and fishes were not marinated at all, fresh from pasar; the grill steel was used for several times , with so many unidentified black stuffs on it, which includes 4 pieces of hardened charred chicken and fish. I was not amused , certainly, hence asked for another one or any other one , at least cleaner than this one but he said he could not find other at night. He sensed we were fuming and even said he can't do anything. He was irritated as well, as he later use the polystyrene to knock out the flame over the grill board... & then went away to eat his dinner. Oh man, just walk off like that! However, we still used that for BBQ. We sweats a lot and the Japanese guys were forced to eat the perhaps carcinogenic BBQ food. The BBQ was actually kim shing's idea as it was for his own birthday. What a birthday for kim shing! Pity him...

The next day, we didn't play anything, just went to take some photos at beach and attempts to catch some fishes which was futile. After having our "brunch", we hopped on a speedboat and bid farewell to Perhentian Island.

Byebye , Perhentian Island

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hong Kong night tour

At night, we bought a local night tour so that we can have a pleasant and enjoyable night trip around Hong Kong. We sat in a bus with many Singaporean families. In the bus, our tour guide for the night, Ben, told us that we were going to have the bus brought us to a restaurant which serves us authentic Hong Kong local cuisines, including the famous roasted geese! Ben even talked about the texture of the geese meat and the smells of it, making the whole bus of people having fantasies about the tantalizing dinner that awaits us.

The famous Hong Kong Roasted Geese.

the left-overs of an unappetizing dinner meal.

The dinner was served and yet it was a disappointing meal. the roasted geese was a bit too salty while the rest was just not delicious.

After the meal, we went to a place called "The Peak", the peak of a hill which known as 太平山 in chinese. It is actually the the highest peak of Hong Kong, a great place to enjoy the world famous night view of HK. On the way, we can see the horse racing stadium, another famous spot which i've missed this time.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club

At The Peak, we went to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum to see all those wax figures of the famous people throughout the world.

Enjoying the night scenery, one of the best in the world!

the breathtaking nightview

In the house of wax,

Jay Chou!!!

Bradgelina's latest baby to join their clan. Isn't he look adorable?hahaha..

Janice looks like a life sized chinese barbie doll.

mr einstein just can't stop playing with me..

I wanna tell Mr Bush: You sucks!

hugging Paris Hilton

Madonna with sharp-pointing bras, ouch!

Andy Lau, the only wax figure to have heartbeat, artificial one, of course.

There were too many of wax figures to see, so, we didn't have the time to take all of them but some just seemed too excited to take photos without realising...

they don't even know who she is

After that, the we changed another bus to another type of bus, the open top bus. Our tour guide bragged about it, saying it was a great trip that normally only tourist can sit and those passing pedestrians will drop their jaw as soon as they see the bus, as Hong Kong locals don't have the chance to land their arses on the bus. The bus was rental and you gotta book the whole bus for one trip. But, the truth is, there is no any admiring stares at all, nobody really give a damn about this open top bus.

Jong Sern posing with the singaporeans' heads

me & Victor risked our heads to take this picture.

These was what the open top bus night trip all about: myriads of neon lights advertisements.

What a sight to behold!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hong Kong trip: My first day

On 11 June, I went to Hong Kong through Airasia. It would be impossible for me to have the opportunity to fly if it wasn’t Airasia. Ming Han and I managed to get a cheap ticket for 2 ways to & fro Hong Kong. The price is so cheap that most of the people surprised after I told them the amount. It is RM440 including airport tax and fuel surcharges for two ways. Sound ridiculously cheap? I bet u would say that. Actually, this is the first time Airasia fly to Hong Kong directly and they celebrate it by having a promotion for the ticket price. Hence, I guess we just lucky enough to able to grab the seats. Hehe..

Airasia, now everybody can fly!

Hence, on that day, we all gathered at the LCCT McD, 2 hours prior to boarding time. Feeling quite excited at that time, because this is my first flight going overseas. After 4 hours sitting in the Airasia Airbus AK76 without really getting any sleep at all, we have landed on Hong Kong.

At the airport, the customs officers were not so friendly as compared to their counterparts in Malaysia. They were very strict and will not smile at all. May be they are sick of their job or something bad might had happened, who knows? After the long queue up, we managed to get ourselves went pass the customs. We were told by the travel agency that there will be a guy waiting for us, just like what we seen in the movie or tv drama. But the guy didn’t show up. He supposed to wait for us at there since 11am. Wandering around, wait and wait… he didn’t show up. We even made calls but just couldn’t reach that guy. Maybe he was playing hide and seek with us, that was what I thought. Until approx 2 hours later, he finally showed up.

After that, we were sent to our hotel. We stayed at the Dorsett Seaview Hotel for the first night. It was located at yaomadei (油麻地), just a block away from Temple street ,庙街. The attitudes of the hotel receptionists were rude and arrogant. At that time, I wondered why Hong Kong people all behave like this. Haiz… so disappointing! They can barely speak good English but still wanna show their xxx, make me wanna puke! So, without further ado, we checked into our room which is so damn small, comparable to the First World Hotel back in Genting. And speaking about seaview, we didn’t manage to see any seaview from our room. All we see were high rise apartments and flats with many clothes, bras and undies hanging at their hanging place or window. What a sight to behold!

After resting for while, we decided to start our adventure in this concrete jungle, by ourselves, provided we got map. We confidently walk out the hotel lobby to search for food. We managed to go to SaiYongChoi Street South (西洋菜南街) and ladies market (女人街) at Mong Kok, 旺角.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My 21st B'day

3days ago, I had spent my night with friends for a dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. Many of my friends steal some precious time from the busy schedule to attend my little b'day bash. Thanks for being able to come! But, 1st & foremost, I really wanna thank Han Lim, LMH, Wendy & etc for organizing a party for little jackson. So touched.. almost wanna cry liao... huhu... =p The night was so nice beyond words describable! Here I'm showing some of the photos Mr LMH took:-

my lovely birthday cake... it was so delicious & finger lickin' good!

Oh god, they want me to typical cake game again...."mouth" out the candles... normally this game comes with another game which is punching b'day boy head, into the cake.... (-.-""")
I had refused to played with them but all of them insisted but they promised will only play the 1st game..

So, I mah played with them loh... As my rounded face approaching my cake, I sensed dangers. But before I managed to do anything, a disaster had happened. I felt my head was punch by dunno... ermm... more than 5 people i think, and I couldn't open my eyes...

The 1st thing I saw when I opened my eyes was....

OMG!!!! What the hell! My cake!!! Who could possibly done this! Justice will be served!!!

Hence, without further ado, I gotta find the culprits and punished him/her myself! All of sudden, the crowd got shocked and panicked. Everyone ran wildly to seek for shelter.

(p/s: note the 2 lovely gals with obviously so so shocked face who are beside me in this shoot. lol! So funny,man! =p This is undeniably my favorite pic for the night!)

As usual, Mr LMH & his gangs ran so fast and shot this pic for far away..

Haha... Mr Lek Duan got the biggest piece from me... Hehe..=p

Group photo 1

Group photo 2

After dining, we went to cafe to continue play play.

Lek Duan(the most "diao"-looking guy) & friends indulging in their own game.

While I was playing UNO with friends.

Really enjoyed a lot, thanks guys! You all are the greatest human that I could possibly have in this world! :p

Saturday, September 15, 2007




1. 随便~

2. 都行~

3. 看你~

Monday, August 20, 2007


遇到你真的爱的人时要努力和他相处下去, 因为当他离去时,一切都来不及了……

遇到可信的朋友时, 要好好和他相处,因为在人的一生中, 可遇到知己真的不易。

遇到人生中的贵人时, 要记得好好感激,因为他事你人生的转折点。

遇到曾经爱过的人, 记得微笑向他感激,因为他是让你更懂爱的人。

遇到曾经恨过的人时, 要微笑向她打招呼,因为他让你更加坚强。


遇到曾经偷偷喜欢的人时, 要祝他幸福育!因为你喜欢他时, 不是希望他幸福快乐吗?

遇到匆匆离开你人生的人时, 要谢谢他走过你的人生,因为他是你精彩回忆的一部份。

遇到曾经跟你有误会的人时, 要趁现在解清误会,因为你可能只有这一次的机会解释清楚。